The main conversion tool for your crowdfunding campaign is your profile page. This is what your potential backers will see prior to entering their financial information to invest into your project.

The information they read must be concise and informative and demonstrate the real value of your project. That includes information about yourself and your passion/excitement and qualification to achieve success.

Remember, you need to persuade the potential investor that you need their financial support to succeed. However, prior to jumping right in and promoting your online profile, make sure you know what you are doing, and consider the important decisions you will need to make in the future.

Make a checklist of the content you will need to present. These are the different steps you need to take and approaches to think about when you prepare a unique crowdfunding profile. The components of a given profile are different among the different platforms used.

Define Your Project: Crowdfunding is the perfect way to raise the money you need for creating and funding your project. Do not consider crowdfunding as a recurring revenue platform or a credit line. It is neither.

Instead, view it as the type of financing you only need to do once for a specific project that has a definite start and finish. It is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that you can use anytime you wish. Launching a novelist's career is an infinite project. Creating a single book is a finite project.

The items listed below can assist you in defining your specific project.

  • Sequence your tasks. Outline the exact tasks you must accomplish to begin, accomplish and complete your project successfully. Compile a list of all your needed tasks once funding comes in as a result of your successful crowdfunding effort.
  • Goals. What do you intend to achieve in the future with the development of this project? Make sure your expectations and goals are clear. It will greatly assist you in establishing your project's scope.
  • Timeline. What is the time frame for every phase of the project? Set up a reasonable time line and then do your level best to beat your own expectations.
  • How Much Capital is Needed? This is commonly known as your funding goal. What amount of money will make your project a unqualified success? Make a budget of expected expense to ensure that you have plenty of cash to complete the campaign.
  • Establish the Duration of the Campaign. Set a realistic amount of time to reach your funding goal. The goal must be attainable so consider all the things you must do after you launch your campaign. Give yourself enough time. It is very important to know how long the campaign will last. And of course you are disclosing the time frame to the crowd for them to judge.
  • Project Title: The title of your campaign needs to be memorable, simple and specific. Remember that your project has to stand out in a crowd of projects. There are an enormous and growing number of projects being reviewed by an ever-growing number of prospective investors. The crowd on both sides is building. These prospective investors are browsing through numerous online crowdfunding campaigns every day. They might only give your campaign a second or two. A title that is clear and catchy will make those few seconds of attention matter.
  • Project Photo: Ask yourself, if potential contributors only give you a fraction of a second of their attention, what image would you use? If you believe a picture is worth 1000 words, select a good project photo! The project photo is the centerpiece of the entire campaign. As potential backers browse through dozens of project campaigns, this is what they will see.
  • You need to make sure your photograph really stands out in a crowd or you will lose the opportunity for potential funding from a lot of people who will never sign up as your financial backers. This means that the primary photograph is going to be among the key elements of the whole campaign. Treat it accordingly.