Each state’s Lottery Commission is different, within its own jurisdiction and with its own procedures. At Manfred Sternberg & Associates, we have the resources and knowledge to navigate the requirements of each state, helping you know exactly the procedures you should follow as you focus on protecting your family, yourself, and your newfound fortune. If you want to find out more about the lottery in a specific state, use the links below:

Essentials of Winning

The following statistics show just a glimpse of how much luck is required to win the lottery:

  • In a lottery in which you pick 6 numbers from a possible pool of 49 numbers, your chances of winning the jackpot (correctly choosing all 6 numbers drawn) are 1 in 13,983,816. That's 1 shot in almost 14 million. If you were to buy one lottery ticket each week in such a scenario, you could expect to win once every 269,000 years.
  • Even worse odds: the popular Mega Millions multi-state lottery has odds of approximately 1 in 175,711,536. That’s 1 in 176 million.
  • And even more daunting: the odds of winning Powerball are roughly 1 in 292.2 million.

But every year, some become part of the “one in a million” winners, and their lives instantly change. If you or a loved one has won the lottery, the decisions you make today will greatly impact just how much the money you win can do for you. Make sure to pursue wise counsel so that you can ensure you have made the best decision not just for today, but for your future.

Build the Right Team

Before you hire or even just listen to any advisor about your lottery win, ask this simple question: “How many lottery winners have you worked with?” We at Manfred Sternberg & Associates will gladly share our experience, history, and success stories with lottery winners. Give us a call today and let us talk with you, free of charge, about how we can help you become another one of those success stories.