Houston Real Estate Attorney

Manfred Sternberg & Associates is prepared to put more than 30 years of experience to work to address any commercial real estate issue. Manfred Sternberg’s board-certified expertise readies him for any litigation or transactional issue. This includes:

  • Acquisition/sales
  • Financing private money
  • Land-title disputes
  • Commercial landlord-tenant issues
  • Domestication of judgment

In every case, we take a practical approach to practicing law, are service-oriented, respect clients’ financial parameters with itemized billing and have the philosophy of recommending communication and negotiation over litigation, if the case merits such a path. This orientation has helped hundreds of clients resolve their issues in cost-effective ways that preserve their long-term goals. Regardless of your issue, our attorney and team will communicate regularly as your case or issue develops. As a client, you will not have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for information, an answer to your question or a follow-up to a concern.

Whenever possible and appropriate, we encourage communication and negotiation over litigation. While we prepare each case for trial, we always look to solve clients’ problems through negotiations and alternative dispute resolution. However, when negotiations have been exhausted, the firm does proceed toward the courtroom. We encourage you to take deliberate and decisive action, and contact our Sugar Land commercial and residential real estate lawyer as soon as possible.