Houston business lawyer Manfred Sternberg has 30 years of experience in the legal and business worlds. As a business operator, he understands the unique concerns of small to medium-sized enterprise owners throughout Texas. As a highly skilled lawyer, he can quickly identify the legal remedies to solve your business’s problems.


Manfred Sternberg & Associates offers services in collections law, commercial litigation, business transactions, and consumer protection. As a Houston commercial law and business litigation lawyer, Manfred Sternberg protects the rights of business owners who are owed money. As a board-certified consumer and commercial law attorney, he seeks the best possible outcomes for individuals and businesses.


The law firm is service-oriented: Attorneys are in the service industry. The law firm returns phone calls the same day, communicates with clients regularly and strives for client satisfaction. As a client, you will not have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for information, an answer to your question or a follow-up to a concern.


The law firm encourages negotiation over litigation: Manfred Sternberg & Associates has extensive litigation experience. While the law firm prepares each case for litigation, the firm believes that it is often in the client’s best interests to resolve his or her problems through communication and negotiations. However, when communication and negotiations have been exhausted, the firm does proceed toward the courtroom as often that is the only way to appropriately address a client’s issues.


Our firm focuses on a diverse set of practice areas, including: