It is critical that you coordinate your hundreds of contacts to spread the word to their thousands of contacts. This is arguably the most important step in ensuring your success in crowdfunding. Timing, along with good communication, is what is important when you want to organize your social network. Your social network is also known as your “Crowd” , your “People”, your “Group” or your “Tribe”. Here is how you can organize your supporters and get your Tribe moving for you.

  • Carefully plan a message series that will pique curiosity, build anticipation and attract support for the launch of your campaign.
  • Be careful not to contact your Tribe members too soon or too late in order to make the most of your Group as a powerful engine for promotion. Wait until your launch date has been set. The scheduled launch should be at least thirty days in the future.

Scheduling Email Communication:

In this section we will outline the email series you should use to keep your contacts informed and build momentum before your launch.

Network via email with those with whom you have not spoken lately. You need to connect with these people again prior to requesting any campaign assistance. The main idea here is to get communication flowing again. The purpose is not to inform them of your project unless they inquire about it. One way to get the attention of a lapsed contact is by dusting off an old email from that person and responding to it. It does not matter if this exchange occurred in the distant past.

How To Get Current Email Addresses: While you can communicate via social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, this is not the best option. You are not able to add this sort of contact information to an automated email list. A current email address is required and you must ensure that your messages don't get put into the spam folders of recipients. Be sure to keep your email address list updated.

"Something Interesting" Email: The value of sending out a "something interesting" email is to introduce your contacts to the fact that you will soon be launching a new project. You keep them interested by giving the details very gradually. Send the personalized email to every one of your contacts. Be sure to include:

  • A personal message addressed specifically to each recipient.
  • Share the fact that you are hard at work on a big project.
  • Let the person know that you are adding their name to a specific email list.


To: [Their Email Address] From: [Your Email Address]

Subject: An Interesting Project I'm Currently Involved In…

Hi [Recipient's First Name], [1-2 Sentences personal comment]

Additionally, I want to be sure you know about the project that I'm working on. It is really interesting. When it's completed, it will be very impressive. At the moment, I just want to give you a heads up to watch for it.

In order to gather support when it goes live, I am in the process of creating an email list. I will use this list to send updates, and I want to put your name on the list. Tell me if you don't want your name on that list and I won't put you on it.

We are very grateful for your support!

Talk with you soon! [Your Name]

Launch Plan: Shoot out a "Launch Plan" email that contains all the information regarding your forthcoming campaign launch. Emphasize details about your campaign and your launch date. Let your Tribe know that you are counting on them to help you spread your message.


To: [Recipient's Email Address] From: [Your Email Address]

Subject: [Project Launch Date Announcement]: [Project Name Information] Launch Plan

Hi [Individual's First Name]! Be sure to mark your calendar!

On [Date Of Launch] I will launch a [# of days] day crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to raise [Goal Amount] to support my [Project Name] project. This is how it will work.

1) I will give pay 14% interest secured by the property located at (municipal address). My campaign is hosted on [crowdfunding Platform Homepage URL].

2) When I have received enough pledges to reach my [Goal Amount] goal, I will use the money to immediately start work on my project.

3) If I am unable to reach my goal in the [Funding Period] day period, I will return the money to the backers. I will not keep one thin dime! That is the reason that I require your support!

Don't get nervous, this isn't a request for a cash pledge. I would really appreciate it if you could help me get the word out prior to the launch of my campaign. It's a numbers game to raise money via crowdfunding. I will be able to raise more money when lots of people look at my campaign seriously. Soon my vision will be a reality.

In a couple of days I'll tell you more about where your help is needed, but at the moment I'm just asking you to save this date.

With gratitude for the support you give!

[Your Own Name]* [The Logo Of Your Project]

Calm-Before-The-Storm Email: This email should be a brief reminder that tomorrow is your big day. Your project will be launching. The contents should show you are excited and grateful in hoping they will invest.


To: [Email of recipient] From: [Email of Sender]

Subject: Just before We Launch...

This email is to remind you that my campaign is being launched tomorrow! I am so thrilled! I'd like to say thanks before you decide to support me.

More later.

[Your Name]

It's LIVE Email: The purpose of an "It's LIVE" email is to announce your launch. You should include your profile page URL and provide three specific actions to help your supporters follow through.


To [Recipient email] from [Sender email]

Subject: It's LAUNCHED!

Hi there! [Individual's First Name], I thought you would like to know that my crowdfunding campaign is finally live. I'm ready to show it to the world!

LOOK here! [Link to Your crowdfunding Profile Page] This is vital! I really need your help to generate momentum. Kindly allow for five minutes to perform these tasks.

1: How to help with email: Please forward this email along with a personal message to five or more of your contact whom you think will be interested in supporting and being involved in my project.

2: How to help with Facebook: Be sure to post a link to my campaign page on your wall at Facebook. Please remember to include a personal message.

3) Twitter: Use it to send the link to all who follow you on Twitter.

I appreciate your support. I'm hoping that you appreciate what I've done here. If you know how I can get the word out more effectively, I hope you will tell me with a response to this email.


Schedule For Social Media: Use this flow of basic messages as described above to inform your social media contacts. Post it on Google+, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. That needs to be done more frequently and using such things as photos and videos.