Houston Operating Agreement Disputes Attorney

An operating agreement is one of the most important agreements for a limited liability company. It governs the members of an LLC and how they relate, and defines who makes decisions, as well as how they are implemented. Additionally, it defines how new members are admitted and how either members’ interests are diluted or called upon to add more capital to the business.When triggering events such as a death or disability occur, disputes may arise with respect to management that an LLC might not account for.Likewise, partnership agreements can cause similar disputes; particularly in the cases of alleged gross negligence, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty, owners may have greater concerns with respect to operations above and beyond obtaining damages.If you or your business organization is working through any operating agreement dispute, our legal team is here for you.

With more than 40 years of experience, our team at Manfred Sternberg & Associates is ideally suited to handle any issue with respect to operating agreement disputes. Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Houston operating agreement disputes lawyer Manfred Sternberg combines a comprehensive knowledge of these issues with a practical and business-minded approach to resolution. Whenever possible, attorney Sternberg will consider and attempt to resolve these issues through communication and negotiation with the preparedness, ability and experience to proceed to trial. We encourage you to get in touch.