Manfred Sternberg to Speak at Business and Crowdfund Expo – Q1

Manfred SternbergOur principal crowdfunding attorney Manfred Sternberg will be at the Business and Crowdfund Expo – Q1 on Saturday, April 29, at the Westin Galleria, 5060 W. Alabama Street in Houston. Organized by EverybodyInHouston.com, the expo will discuss how crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to present an investment opportunity to like-minds supporters and allows these investors to get involved with technology companies, oil and real estate deals, entertainment ventures, and much more.

“We are only just beginning to harness the power of crowdfunding,” says Attorney Sternberg, “It will be a major disrupter and liberator of finances and growth in our country.”

Sternberg, an expert in crowdfunding law, was recently featured on “The Price of Business” with Bill Knapik of Stewart Title hosting, which airs on Business Talk 1110AM.

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If you are in need of legal advice for your crowdfunding project, let us help. Contact Manfred Sternberg & Associates now for more information.

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