Each year, intellectual property becomes an increasingly pressing issue for businesses. Intellectual property -- including investments in technology, research, and development, branding, or information services -- is invaluable and must be fully protected.

Manfred Sternberg & Associates’ team of IP lawyers, patent agents, and litigators have experience in the legal, business, and technical realms of IP intricacies. We strive to protect your business and to guide you to reach your potential, which ultimately requires securing your investments. Part of that process is developing effective strategies for both protecting and developing intellectual property, as well as developing patent portfolios.

Through these processes, our team is dedicated to helping you get ahead of your competition in intellectual property security and investment. We know that ultimately our clients’ goals are to increase their visibility in the ever-growing and rapidly changing the marketplace, and we want to help your business take steps in that growth process with confidence in the security of their intellectual property.

To diminish third party threats to your intellectual property, while simultaneously maximizing your IP assets, our team provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients, such as:

  • Patents: We handle patent litigation, trial and appeal board proceedings, and patent prosecution
  • Trademarks: We can help secure and maintain trademark and brand names as well as represent you in trademark proceedings and litigation
  • Copyrights: This includes obtaining a copyright as well as any litigation matters
  • Trade Secret/Trade Dress: This also included any litigation matters facing trade secret or trade dress.
  • IP Counseling and Licensing
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Our clients are not limited to Texas-based practicing businesses. We proudly serve businesses whose reach extends throughout the United States. Regardless of the scope of your business, our team is ready to help you protect your intellectual property, technology, or scientific assets.

At Manfred Sternberg, we carefully strategize which of our IP lawyers and professionals best fit the needs of each of our clients. Our goal is to craft a team that understands each client’s specific business, focus, strategies, investments, and respective industries. This is the core of our values as a firm: to understand your values in as much detail as possible so that we can best assist you in protection, security, and growth. This philosophy is why our clients have valued our counsel for decades: we listen to you and make sure we understand your needs and pair you with the people on our team who can best help you achieve them.

Our Industries

When searching for an attorney to assist with intellectual property issues, clients look for two major factors:

  • Legal knowledge: You want to know that your attorneys have the comprehensive legal acumen to help you navigate and resolve even the most complicated issues.
  • Industry experience: You want to be sure that your attorneys don’t only know first-hand how to handle IP issues, but you want to know that they also have experience specific to your industry so that they can help you meet the unique business objectives underlying your IP issues.

Manfred Sternberg has both the knowledge and experience to meet these requirements. We proudly work with clients in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Franchise
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Life Sciences
  • Media, Entertainment, and Sports
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Venture Capital

Global Intellectual Property Litigation

Litigation concerning intellectual property is often not limited to one state, or even to the United States; it’s often a global dispute. Because of this, our team coordinates and manages litigations in multiple jurisdictions. This ensures that the assets of our clients are not adversely affected by other jurisdiction proceedings. Through our extensive experience, we have developed relationships with other counsel throughout the U.S. This enables us to coordinate multinational disputes, as well as ensure that we have consistent and effective claims and defenses.

Our services to global clients include a wide range of intellectual property services, including:

  • Copyright
  • Licensing
  • Trademark and patent protection and enforcement
  • Technology transfer
  • Strategic counseling
  • Patent and trademark portfolio management
  • Advising on the intellectual property aspects of mergers and acquisitions and related transactions
  • Defending and prosecuting patent, trademark, and copyright infringement matters
  • Unfair competition and trade secrets

If you are seeking an intellectual property lawyer, contact the Texas IP attorneys at Manfred Sternberg & Associates. We are ready to listen to your specific needs and tell you more about our experience and ability to meet your needs.