The Houston corporate law firm Manfred Sternberg & Associates has vast experience in advising clients concerning hostile takeovers and other unsolicited bids.


We have many clients who are major participants in Texas merger and acquisition transactions which include hostile bidders, potential “white knight” suitors, along with their debt financing sources and advisors, and sometimes the actual companies targeted.


Manfred Sternberg’s mergers and acquisitions lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge vital to navigating overwhelming situations such as these. If our clients are at a loss as to the direction they should take, our team is prepared to help you each step of the way.


Our M&A lawyers take multiple steps in the preliminary stages of a client’s evaluation of a potential unsolicited bid:


  1. Assess the target company’s vulnerability to an unsolicited takeover.
  2. Anticipate any likely defense strategies for the target company.
  3. Analyze any potential legal impediments to an unsolicited takeover, including regulatory regimes such as applicable antitrust/competition, etc.
  4. Advise our client on the bidder’s proposed financing package. This should include an assessment of the target company’s debt capital structure for any required refinancing of the target company’s private and/or public debt.


Once the decision is made to proceed with an unsolicited bid, our hostile takeover lawyers then:


  • Prepare privately proposed bids or public “bear hug” overtures
  • Launch and implement hostile tender offers and related proxy contests
  • Advise on compliance with applicable federal, state, or foreign takeover regimes
  • Negotiate debt financing commitments with potential lenders
  • Assist alternative “white knight” suitors or other transaction participants


Along with this, Manfred Sternberg’s team of litigators plan from the beginning to prepare and implement optimal litigation strategies from connected with hostile takeover bids.


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