Hiring a Business Lawyer: Top 5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs One

Did you know that roughly 90 percent of start-ups will eventually fail?

The failure of so many new small businesses can be explained by numerous different reasons and circumstances.

However, it’s certainly the case that dozens of start-ups which go under because they never hired a business lawyer.

If you haven’t thought about whether you need to hire an attorney or not, check out the top 5 reasons below. Let’s go!

1. Prepare Legal Documents 

If you need to draft a legal document your business lawyer can handle it. This can anything from a simple employment contract to a merger with another company.

Legal documents are often written in a confusing language. You need to ensure that such documents are fully comprehended and prepared by a business lawyer with relevant expertise.

Your start-up could find itself in legal trouble after mistaken wrongdoings in legal documents. You can simply avoid any legal worries by hiring an attorney to handle everything on your behalf.  

2. Obtain Approvals and Permissions

Depending on your niche business, you may require a license or permission to carry out the operations of your start-up.

If you need to apply to the government or local administration for approval, your business lawyer can support your efforts.

You could be required to register with the local authority. The paperwork required for such an application will benefit from the help of an attorney.

If your company decides to apply for a patent, you need an attorney to achieve this in an efficient amount of time. 

3. Financial Records

If you’re going to achieve anything as a business, you probably expect to generate revenue sooner or later.

You need to ensure that income tax, and any other financial considerations are followed according to the book.

You don’t any to be on the receiving end of legal action because you’ve made an error in your official records.

The business lawyer can check over your financial records to make sure everything follows procedure. 

4. Mitigate Damages

If you’re faced with a lawsuit from an employee or another company, you need to be prepared to make a strong case. 

Your business lawyer can help you mitigate the damages to your company. When you hire a lawyer, you need to be honest with the circumstances around the lawsuit. 

5. Health and Environmental Challenges 

There are hundreds of health and environmental standards and regulations which you need to adhere to. Your lawyer can ensure that your operations comply with the regulations to avoid litigation.

Even if you face a lawsuit or complaint, your business lawyer can defend your business. A lawyer who is already familiar with your business is the best place to defend you. 

Hire a Business Lawyer

Now you know the top 5 reasons why you need to hire a business lawyer for your small business.

Whether you need to overcome health and environmental challenges. Or, you want a lawyer to go through your financial records. It’s essential to have a legal professional on hand.

Do you have problems with collecting payments you’re owed? Check out our blog to learn about small business collections here. 

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