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Attorney Manfred Sternberg is a business problem solver. His Houston law firm, Manfred Sternberg & Associates, PC, provides comprehensive business services to small and mid-sized enterprises. No matter how young or how established your business, the law firm can help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.

If you are a business owner or an aspiring business owner with a question about a contract, agreement or other business matter, turn to Manfred Sternberg & Associates, PC. For more than 30 years, its Houston contract drafting attorney has helped businesses solve their problems and succeed.

A Law Firm for Your Business Contracts and Agreements

Sugar Land business agreements lawyer Manfred Sternberg has extensive experience as a business owner and operator. With his legal and business knowledge, attorney Sternberg can seamlessly and effectively help you reach your business goals. His law firm handles many types of business transactions on behalf of current and aspiring business owners.

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Manfred Sternberg & Associates, PC, is a full-service law firm in Houston, Texas. Attorneys have a practical approach to practicing law, are service-oriented, respect clients’ financial parameters with itemized billing and encourage negotiation over litigation.