The Bottom Line: Copyright Infringement Can Be a Pest

Admittedly, there is a story behind the title of today’s article. There’s no doubt that copyright infringement can cause great stress. For certain, it means time and money. It’s enough to bug any business or creator of works. And, have them seek consultation with an experienced intellectual properties lawyer.

All things considered, buzz words like pests and bugs have a purpose in today’s discussion on copyright infringement. It’s not that we plan on doing a full dissection on the science of entomology. Rather, you might be interested in a recent case that involves insect images.

Copyright Infringement and Images

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the definition of copyright infringement and the legal remedies. Meanwhile, we just came across a news article that gives a real life example of copyright infringement allegations.

According to the press commentary, the plaintiff in this matter is a bug photographer. There is a cost associated with his work of copyrighted images. Unfortunately, the plaintiff has come across a number of different kinds of businesses that use his photographs without permission or payment. In this particular case, assertions were made against a Houston pest control company.

The dispute involved photographs of rover ants placed on the defendant’s website. Actually, the owner of the pest control venture claimed that he had no idea that his website developer used the pictures without permission. In fact, the photographs were removed when the defendant was notified they were under copyright protection.

In this particular case, the parties settled for an undetermined sum. Nonetheless, this brought us to some interesting research that we are happy to share.

Creator of Works and Piracy

For the most part, anecdotal stories are all about perspective. In this case, we found information about the plaintiff’s plight with piracy of his images. Back in 2014, the photographer gave a firsthand accounting of his dilemma.

Without question, the internet has made copyright protection a real battle. As it relates to this particular plaintiff, it appears he has a plan in place. It includes putting copyright infringers on notice and demanding they take down the egregious materials. In some cases, it also requires time in billing for misuse of the lifted images.

You might be surprised to learn of how much time is devoted to finding work that is used without permission. In the case of this photographer, he estimates he “sends, on average, five takedown notices to Web hosts every day, devoting ten hours per week to infringements.”

Bottom line. More than likely, the same time could be spent creating more insect images. Instead, this artist has taken on his own form of pest control.

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