Davenport's Texas Wills And Estate Planning Legal Forms: Third Edition
By Manfred Sternberg

This book is written by long time Texas lawyer Manfred Sternberg, and is the new updated 3rd edition of this book published by Davenport Press. This book provides an up to date and easy to read review of Texas law, and then provides ready to use Wills and Estate Planning legal forms for Texas. Filled out samples of all the forms show what to do. Estate Planning concerns how to arrange things for and control upon illness or death one's property and money, children and dependants, health care, and more.

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Download legal forms from the book:

Form 1: Last Will And Testament (With Guardians)
Form 2: Last Will And Testament (No Guardians)
Form 3: Self-proving Affidavit
Form 4: Tangible Personal Property List
Form 5: Codicil
Form 6: Medical Power Of Attorney
Form 7: Directive To Physicians And Family Or Surrogates (Living Will)
Form 8: Do-not-resuscitate
Form 9: Statutory Durable Power Of Attorney
Form 10: Authorization Agreement For Nonparent Relative (Over Child)
Form 11: Appointment Of Agent To Control Disposition Of Remains