The Benefits of Retaining A Lawyer

Retaining a lawyer isn’t something many business owners and others put a lot of thought into. If it has been considered, it usually gets tossed aside and deemed a later priority.

We’ve heard the excuses:

  • “Retaining a lawyer is too expensive.”
  • “It isn’t worth my time or money to hire an attorney who is not available full-time.”
  • “I don’t have the need right now to hire a lawyer.”

While these may be viable concerns, we are here to put your worries aside. Also, we want to discuss the importance of having a trustworthy, well-known contact as your legal consultant.

Be assured that all of your legal needs are being met before a problem arises. An attorney on retainer prevents you from having to spend a fortune on last minute hiring fees.

Let us clear the air on the most common uncertainties people tends to have. Read below to learn how you can benefit from retaining a lawyer.

Take Preventative Action

Too often, many will avoid reaching out to an attorney when they are having legal questions or concerns. They assume the situation isn’t serious enough and/or they already know the best route to take.

This can be true, but is it worth running the risk? Getting slapped with a lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars and can be very time-consuming. (Don’t forget the attorney costs!)

An attorney on retainer can guide you and/or your company to ensure you are making wise legal choices. As with all things in life, if you don’t know, ask!

Instead of fretting about the “What ifs?”, you can put your mind at ease by speaking to the professionals.

Also, wouldn’t it be better to not worry about getting billed for reaching out to ask a simple question? Retaining a lawyer allows you (even encourages you!) to be in contact regularly so you are able to clarify any uncertainties.

An attorney is much more than just that- they are your legal mentor. Be confident that you are making the right choices from the beginning.

Billing Tailored To Your Specific Needs and Requests

As mentioned above, many times people want to avoid getting billed so they avoid reaching out. A lot of firms will charge for a consultation (we don’t!), which can feel very unnecessary, especially if you decide against using their service.

What if you have a quick legal question that cannot be answered by Google? Are you going to pay to receive advice on a mere concern you have?

The answer is probably not. Neglecting to call can be dangerous, as you may not be aware of certain legal aspects.

Avoid receiving any surprise bills by establishing a contract with your designated lawyer.

Having an attorney on retainer means you pay for the services you need.

By retaining a lawyer, you are charged for a month’s service usually prior to their tenure begins. You and your attorney will discuss time commitments, calling hours, and your budget.

Your bill will reflect the services you require for the upcoming month. If you anticipate a normal month, you may be able to opt for a call/text only plan to save money.

But, if you require more hands-on, elaborate counseling, it is still more affordable to retain a lawyer. Also, firms will typically offer considerable discounts to clients who prepurchase retainer services.

Receive Support When Needed

Although one day you may be smooth sailing, we all know how easy things can flip.

Imagine yourself in an emergency situation. Are you going to want to spend the time frantically calling various firms and attornies?

Wouldn’t you rather be able to pick up your phone and call one consistent contact that you trust? After all, finding a lawyer on a whim can be a daunting task for both parties.

Retaining a lawyer means you will receive the support you need when you need it. (Of course, you will need to agree upon specific terms before signing a retainer agreement.)

Yet, it is still advised to lay out the nitty-gritty before a crisis arises. It will save you a headache and frustration.

Also, maintaining a consistent attorney means you are receiving support from someone who truly knows you. This person understands your particular needs and has a better sense of how to move forward.

Starting with someone new will require some preliminary action. Retaining a lawyer allows you to tackle issues from the get-go.

Retaining a Lawyer Allows You a Stronger Relationship With Your Legal Consultant

A lawyer on retainer is a lawyer who is acquainted with you and your history. They become less of a formal contact and more of a personal connection.

This can be beneficial for numerous reasons.

After representing or consulting you in the past, these lawyers have a leg up on the competition. This is because they have much more background knowledge on you than brand new attorneys.

When further situations arise, this knowledge can serve as a guiding stone.

An attorney on retainer can provide better counseling than other new hires. They are more acquainted with your lifestyle, preferences, habits, etc.

Retaining a lawyer is beneficial because it makes you more aware of issues that may arise. Having a consistent contact who is mindful of the legal system will keep you from any trouble.

It is no secret — litigations can be overwhelming. Maintaining a strong relationship with your lawyer can minimize the stress and anxiety before going into a case. Finding an attorney you trust will make all the difference.

Avoid rushing into a legal case with someone your brother’s sister’s cousin’s friend, or whoever, recommended.

Put time into your lawyer search, and don’t skip asking the hard questions. This way you will find someone who best suits your needs while staying within your budget.

Have you considered retaining a lawyer before? Here, at Manfred Law, our partners are committed to delivering practical approaches to law that produce results. Contact us today to receive a free consultation to get the best guidance on your legal issue.

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