Manfred Sternberg & Associates investment lawyers proudly advise Texas public companies concerning interactions with activist investors and changes in their shareholder base. We recognize that threats to your long-term interests of shareholders can take many forms. The rise of activist investors has been both recent and rapid, and it can destabilize a company’s long-term strategy or even that company’s boardroom. Our firm believes that with experienced counseling and careful planning, boards and management can minimize the amount of disruption such shareholders can cause.

Our activist investment lawyers have experience working with clients across a broad range of market capitalizations and industries by offering them:

  • Strategies that avoid activist shareholders targeting our clients.
  • Review of ratings by proxy advisory firms, along with compliance with their various policy mandates.
  • Evaluation of specific threats posed by activist accumulations. These include the submission of precatory proposals under Rule 14a-8, the potential for “13D campaigns,” and removal and nomination of directors at annual or special meetings or action by written consent.
  • Implementation of defenses. These include plans designated to address threats posed by derivative share acquisitions by insurgent hedge funds.
  • Planning for annual meeting matters to focus on shareholders, ranging from board structure and governance to executive compensation.

Manfred Sternberg’s lawyers for activist investments continue to work closely with our clients if the fight comes to a meeting. We work closely with our clients’ financial, investor, management, and public relations advisors in order to achieve a successful outcome for the company. That may mean a win at the annual meeting or a quick settlement, but in whatever case, Manfred Sternberg keeps our clients and their interests as our focus. Let us help you face the tension with the confidence that your legal team has your back and is working to for your success.

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